Biggest Open Casino Secrets

Many of the myths and secrets that loomed around the topic of casinos have been debunked through the Internet. However, some secrets are real – regardless of whether they are casino classics like roulette , blackjack or slot machines , all games have a lot of money floating around.

With casino security measures in no way inferior to Fort Knox because of these large sums of money, it is no wonder that there are some secrets within the gambling strongholds that casinos wish they had never known.

We wouldn’t be Germany’s most successful casino blog if we didn’t share some of these now admittedly open secrets with our readership. Therefore, this article deals with all the open secrets of a gaming company that casinos would prefer to keep under lock and key.

The house edge in the casino differs from game to game

It’s no secret that the casino has a house edge. Whoever enters a casino always does so knowing that, in the worst case, they will leave the house with less money. What is less known, however, is how much the house edge varies from game to game.

The traditional casino classics have the greatest house advantage here. The casino wins more often at Roulette, Blackjack and Co., but in the case of a player win, these are paid out higher. But if you still want a better profit advantage, you can try the machines. Here the house edge is 5% -10% less than with the classics.

Of course, your own way of playing is always decisive here: in roulette, for example, it makes a huge difference whether you bet on individual numbers or on a color. Everyone who goes to the casino should therefore find out in advance about the chances of winning the games.

The casino tries everything to keep you on the premises

Anyone who has ever sat in a casino for a long time knows the feeling of how quickly time flies. In addition to the fun of the game, this is mainly due to the fact that most casinos have neither windows nor clocks. In this way, players lose track of time and are more willing to spend longer than planned in the casino.

In addition, the service staff tries everything to make the players’ stay as pleasant as possible. Drinks and sometimes even snacks on the house are good form. If it is not allowed to smoke in the casino for legal reasons, the next smoking booth is not far away.

As a last point, the ambience and the lighting are designed in the same way to increase the feel-good factor even more. Warm lights and a pleasant climate create a nice living room atmosphere in which you like to stay a little longer.

The casino monitors you every step of the way

Casinos are equipped with the latest surveillance technology and also have trained staff who specialize in tracking down con artists. For example, if people at slot machines do not look at the slots but always look from left to right, this can be a sign that they want to manipulate the slots.

This also applies if you use your money in an unusual way. For example, if you only bet small amounts in blackjack in order to play with a huge amount at once, this behavior can indicate card counting. Even small signs, such as players being too close together, can indicate that players are exchanging cards.

The only place the casino looks less carefully is at the poker tables. This is less about the money of the casinos and more about the money of the players. Here it is above all the players themselves who control each other.

The Advantages Of A Casino High Roller

Anyone who is a frequent guest in one of the larger casinos has definitely come across a high roller. High rollers are casino goers who play with large amounts in order to leave the casino either with a lot of money or a few thousand euros poorer at the end of the evening.

High rollers can be found in abundance in modern pop culture. One thinks of people who, in the best James Bond fashion, play games like baccarat, roulette or blackjack in a black designer suit and usually with attractive company for one or the other monthly salary. While the classic table games are most popular with high rollers, high-stakes slot machines naturally also invite people to play large amounts of money.

Anyone reading the title of this article may be wondering what the advantages of a casino high roller are apart from the high winnings. Of course, casinos have a keen interest in attracting high rollers as a loyal customer base. That is why many casinos give their selected customers VIP status, which opens up new gaming opportunities and top-class treatment for customers. With VIP status, high rollers are treated like stars – limousine service and 5-star restaurants included.

In the following article we therefore deal with the advantages of a high roller and give a little insight into how casinos pamper their VIP guests.

Definition of a casino high roller

While every casino has different rules about how much stake makes a regular guest a VIP, there are still some standards. In general, it can be said that players who bet $ 50 or more per round are considered high rollers and are potential candidates for VIP status.

While $ 50 per game round doesn’t sound like much at first glance, a round is over quickly. This means that a lot of revenue is generated within a very short time – either on the player’s side or on the casino’s side.

Well-heeled players have even more fun and thrills due to the size of the stake, which they would not get in normal stakes. Furthermore, the winnings are of course a lot higher for high stakes.

Casino loyalty points and gifts

Whether in the online casino or in Las Vegas, many casinos award loyalty points that are tied to multipliers. For example, if you are promised a welcome bonus of one hundred percent of the stake, you can use this bonus up to the largest possible amount.

So if you are willing to wager more money here, you will also get a larger bonus back. These offers are also lucrative for casinos: The loyalty points can win new customers and prevent existing customers from switching to the competition.

In addition to game bonuses, gifts are also given – limousine services or visits to chic restaurants are standard here.

A casino VIP service in a class of its own

If you play for a lot of money, you get a lot of free gifts and services. For example, it is not uncommon for large casino chains to provide their VIP guests with their own staff. Some casinos even go as far as offering their guests luxury hotel suites to make their stay even more pleasant.

Online casinos are also opening a few guns to offer their VIP guests excellent online service. Here, for example, there is extra staff who take care of the individual needs of individual customers – this means that payments and other services are usually carried out more quickly and extra requests are implemented as well as possible.